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Science & Humanities

Science & Humanities

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To empower the student’s mind in a holistic approach by finding solutions and redefining the frontiers of knowledge.

  • To provide training to contextualize generic and abstract solutions to develop an implementation plan, while solving problems.
  • To develop the understanding of basic skills and their application in various engineering process
  • To create a passion for learning Science, Engineering and Technology.


Mr. Jegan Raj

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : M. E.
– Specialization : Avionics.
– Subject Taught : Engineering drawing, Engineering mechanics.

Mr. Himanshu Singh

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : B. Tech.
– Specialization : Biotechnology.
– Subject Taught : Basic Chemistry & Applied Chemistry.

Mr. Yogesh

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.
– Specialization : Pure(Algebra, Basic Analysis) & Applied(Statistics, Graph theory).
– Subject Taught : Engineering mathematics 1&2 , Applied Mathematics.

Mr. D. Sanjeeva Kumar

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : M. Sc.
– Specialization : Pure & Applied Mathematics.
– Subject Taught : Basic Maths, Engineering Maths, Applied Maths.

Mrs. Sherin Rebecca Empress

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : M. A.
– Specialization : English Literature & Language.
– Subject Taught : Communication Skills in English Lab

Mr. Velangi Babu

Lecturer (Science & Humanities)

– Qualification : M. Sc.
– Specialization : Physics
– Subject Taught : Applied Physics

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Science & Humanities

Mr. Anil Kolli
(Head Of Department)

Mob No: 9547061457