Alumni Association

Alumni Association

GEMS Alumni association creates professional network which helps you to get connected with each other.

You will get information about recent technology trends, job opportunities, and academic requirements. You will also get real time information about higher education from the alumnus directly.

When students of GEMS Polytechnic graduate after the completion of the course, the Placement department follows up with them periodically online or over the phone to keep them posted of job openings to ensure every student is placed or is pursuing a higher goal. Such interactions are through the Alumni cell which is an extension of the placement cell. 

The Alumni are informed of the progress made by the institution and are invited for Annual events to engage with their juniors in sharing life experiences and tips to help them be better equipped to enter the workforce in Industry.

  • Alumni Cell of GEMS Polytechnic College functions to strengthen the bond between the institute and its alumni. 
  • Strong Alumni base is one of the formidable strengths for any elite institute.  
  • Thereby, cell acts as a platform where the existing students and alumni can interact for a healthy,  mutually beneficial relationship. 
  • The prime objective of our committee is to foster relations between the Alumni and the Institute and strengthen the bond between alumni and current students. 
  • The Cell organizes various events such as Annual Alumni Meet, summer/ Winter City Meets to keep the alumni in constant touch with the institute and also help them in networking amongst themselves. 
  • The Cell also tracks and highlights the achievements and successes of alumni so as to provide impetus to the institute and its students.  
  • Inviting alumni students to share their industry experience and render their help in inviting companies for placements and experts for guest lectures. 
  • Alumni cell publishes a bi-annual newsletter – Aluminati – which contains articles, interviews,  achievements of alumni.  
  • Moreover, the cell acts as a facilitator and provides administrative help to the alumni.
  • The cell is also striving to set-up and maintain a dedicated website for alumni activities 

Find teachers, classmates or post reunion information of your class.