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Welcome to the Virtual Library at GEMS Polytechnic College, where students across our various departments, including Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (EEE), and Mechanical Engineering, can delve into a world of interactive learning experiences. Our virtual labs offer hands-on simulations and exercises tailored to each discipline, allowing students to deepen their understanding of key concepts and develop practical skills. From construction projects and coding environments to electrical circuits and mechanical simulations, our virtual resources provide a dynamic platform for exploration and discovery. Accessible through our online learning platform, the virtual library empowers students to enhance their learning journey and prepare for success in their academic and professional endeavors.


The vision of Virtual Labs encompasses creating a comprehensive and scalable online platform that facilitates practical learning and experimentation in various scientific and engineering disciplines. 

  1. Enhancing Access to Laboratories: Providing students and educators with virtual access to laboratory experiments and resources, ensuring that quality practical education is available to a wider audience regardless of location or institutional resources.
  2. Facilitating Hands-On Learning: Offering interactive simulations and experiments that enable students to engage in hands-on learning activities, reinforcing theoretical concepts and fostering critical thinking skills.
  3. Empowering Educators and Students: Empowering educators with tools to enhance teaching effectiveness and empowering students with opportunities for self-paced learning and exploration.
  1. To provide remote-access to simulation-based Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering.
  2. To enthuse students to conduct experiments by arousing their curiosity. This would help them in learning basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation.
  3. To provide a complete Learning Management System around the Virtual Labs where the students/ teachers can avail the various tools for learning, including additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation.

In the state of Bihar, we stand as the leading private institution with the highest number of users actively engaging with our virtual lab platform

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