Computer Science & Engineering

Department Achievements

Department Achievements

  • 3 Students were placed in Pie Infocom in 2020

  • 4 Students Cleared the Bihar Combined Entrance Competetive Examination to Peruse their higher studies

Victorious on the Cricket Pitch: District Level Sports Meet organised by Sityog Institute of Technology’s CSE Triumph

In a display of sheer sportsmanship and skill, our Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) students at Sityog Institute of Technology left an indelible mark at the District Level Sports Meet. Their outstanding performance in cricket not only secured victory but also earned them well-deserved medals.

District-Level Sports Meet Highlights:

Cricket Conquest:

Our CSE team exhibited exceptional teamwork, strategic play, and individual brilliance on the cricket pitch, securing the championship at the District Level Sports Meet. Their dedication to the sport and relentless pursuit of excellence have brought pride and honor to Sityog Institute of Technology.

Medal-Worthy Performance: The triumphant CSE cricket team not only clinched the coveted title but also bagged medals for their outstanding contributions. These medals serve as a testament to their hard work, determination, and commitment to both academics and sports.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we applaud our CSE students for not only excelling in the field of technology but also showcasing their sporting prowess on a broader stage. Their success reflects the holistic development fostered at Sityog Institute of Technology, where students thrive academically and athletically.

Celebrating Triumphs: Computer Science Department’s Sporting Glory

The Computer Science Department at GPC continues to shine not only in the realms of technology but also on the sports field. Our students’ prowess and team spirit were on full display at the Annual Sports Meet, where they clinched notable victories and displayed exceptional sportsmanship.

GPC Annual Sports Meet:

  • Cricket Glory (2023): Our cricket enthusiasts displayed stellar teamwork and skill, emerging as the proud winners of the Annual Sports Meet 2023 Cricket Tournament. Their dedication and sportsmanship set a benchmark for excellence.

  • Kabaddi Brilliance (2023): The Computer Science warriors showcased their strength and agility, securing the runner-up position in the Annual Sports Meet 2023 Kabaddi competition. Their spirited performance earned them admiration and accolades.

  • Throw Ball Triumph (2022): In the Annual Sports Meet 2022, our team exhibited finesse in the game of Throw Ball, securing the runner-up position. Their tenacity and commitment to fair play were truly commendable.

Morphosis 2021:

  • Treasure Hunt Triumph: Beyond the sports arena, our computer science enthusiasts demonstrated their sharp wit and problem-solving skills at Morphosis 2021. The Treasure Hunt challenge saw our team emerge as the winners, navigating through clues and challenges with exceptional ingenuity.

These sporting achievements not only showcase the physical prowess of our computer science students but also emphasize their ability to excel in diverse domains. Congratulations to our athletes and participants for bringing honor and glory to the Computer Science Department at GPC!