Training and Placement

Placement Policy

Placement Policy


The Training & Placement Department serves as an indispensable pillar of Gems Polytechnic College (GPC), playing a vital role in shaping the future of its students. Committed to assisting students in achieving their career aspirations, the department endeavors to equip them with the necessary skills for seeking employment and realizing their professional goals. Through fostering strong partnerships with students, alumni, faculty members, and industries, GPC aims to facilitate holistic development and ensure successful career outcomes for its students.


Career Guidance Counseling: 

  • The Training & Placement Department is dedicated to assisting students in identifying their academic and career interests, as well as short and long-term goals. 
  • Individual counseling sessions and group discussions are conducted to provide personalized guidance to students.
  • The interaction with all the final-year students is done using experts annually.
  • During the placement training, the career guidance counselors give guidance regarding their future careers.

Job Search Assistance: 

  • Students are supported in developing and implementing effective job search strategies, tailored to their skills and aspirations, to enhance their employability and secure suitable employment opportunities.

Integration of Career Planning with Academic Curriculum: 

  • Collaboration with faculty members, department heads, and administration is prioritized to seamlessly integrate career planning initiatives with the academic curriculum, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge for their chosen career paths.


  • The department is committed to empowering students with lifelong career decision-making skills, enabling them to navigate the dynamic job market with confidence and adaptability.

Resource Provision: 

  • Resources and activities are made available to facilitate the career planning process, including workshops, seminars, and access to career development materials and tools.

Industry Interface: 

  • Acting as a liaison between students, alumni, and the employment community, the department fosters collaboration with industry partners to create awareness of career opportunities and facilitate recruitment processes.

Summer Training/Internship Coordination: 

  • The Training & Placement Department coordinates summer training and internship programs, providing students with valuable hands-on experience and exposure to industry practices.

Bridge the gap between Industry and Academia: 

  • By bridging the gap between industry requirements and academic curriculum, the department ensures that students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to meet the evolving needs of the job market.

Guidelines for Placement:

  • Facilitator Role: The Training & Placement Cell serves as a facilitator for placement-related activities and does not guarantee employment.
  • Communication of Campus Drives: Students will be notified about campus drives via email, with their respective Heads of Departments (HODs) also being informed.
  • Equal Opportunity: Placement opportunities are available to all students registered with the Training & Placement Cell, with the policy of ONE JOB TO ONE STUDENT AT THE FIRST INSTANCE ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Eligibility & Registration

  • Students should register their names by submitting the Students’ Data Sheet as per the prescribed format given by the Department of Training and Placement Cell. Only registered students are eligible to participate in the placement activities.
  • Campus placement is a facility provided for the students. Registration is not compulsory. Students not interested in placement are advised not to register for placement but mandatory to fill data Sheet and submit it to the Training & Placement Cell.
  • Students will be allowed to have a single job offer only. However, already placed Students may also be allowed to appear for “Dream Company”. Once a student bags a job offer from a dream company, she will not be allowed to participate in any campus recruitment process at all. Moreover, already placed students but not placed in “Dream Company” may also be allowed two job offers after completion of 80% placement of registered and eligible students of individual discipline.
  • Backlogs: Students having a backlog of 2 or more papers are not permitted to register for placement. Such students are advised to clear the backlogs and then register. 
  • The eligibility criteria imposed by the visiting company will be the final.
  • The eligible/registered students must attend all the training programmes/workshops arranged by the department.
  • The department placement coordinator is the single point of contact for the concerned department Students. For all kinds of clarifications & communications (such as registration for placement assistance, updating the database, etc.,) should be executed through the concerned department placement coordinator and HOD.
  • Submission of Resumes: It is the responsibility of students to review placement notices and submit their resumes to student coordinators within the specified deadline. No resumes will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Preparation for Interviews: Participants are required to carry two copies of their resumes during interviews, and any negative remarks from faculty or wardens may render a student ineligible for the placement process.
  • Uniform and Identity Card: All students must be in uniform and carry their identity cards during placement drives.
  • Offer Letter Submission: Selected participants are required to submit a copy of their offer letter to the Placement Department for record-keeping.

By adhering to these policies and guidelines, GPC aims to foster a conducive environment for career development and placement, ensuring the holistic growth and success of its students in the professional realm.