Books Issue and Return

Books Issue and Return

The Library is Stocked with 3703 Titles and Journals besides 328 question banks for students to better prepare for their academic examinations.




Teaching Staff

4 Books

45working days.

Non-Teaching Staff

2 Books

30working days.


3 Books

15working days.

Books returned after the due date will be charged an overdue charge of Rs. 5/- per day.

Circulation Rules

  1. Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff, and Students are expected to return the book to the library within the number of days on or before the due date specified on the due date slip pasted on the front page of the books.
  2. Books returned shall not be reissued to the same person on the same day of return.
  3. The staff may retake the same book again after a gap of two weeks but if a greater number of copies of the same book is available, he/she can take another book with the same title on the next day.
  4. The librarian will give no reminder, and it is the responsibility of the borrower to return the books within the lending period to avoid a late fine.
  5. While borrowing the book, the member must make sure that the book is in good condition and the pages are intact/undamaged.
  6. The staff/students are entitled to return the books as and when they are called by the Librarian or Library Coordinators.
  7. Books cannot be issued to a user if he/she has any overdue books.
  8. Reference books will be issued only on Overnight issues.
  9. The borrower shall be responsible for any loss caused to the library documents borrowed.
  10. The borrower needs to return books only in person and the return of books through others would not be encouraged and accepted.
  11. If the borrower loses a book, the Librarian should be immediately informed in writing, and the same should be traced and replaced within 15 days from the due date.
  12. Damage or loss of the book will be replaced or repaired by the concerned staff.
  13. If the borrower is not able to replace the book for the book lost within two weeks, they have to pay two times the cost of the book. If a book is replaced, the current edition of the book with the bill will only be accepted.
  14. If the book/resource forms a part of a series/volume, the borrower will be charged for the replacement of the Entire Set.
  15. Library resources are the nation’s assets and belong to all. All users are having the responsibility to protect the library resources against wanton and willful-damage, mutilation, theft, and other malpractices.
  16. Current Journals, Back volumes, Project thesis, and Locker books are not issued for lending. They are to be referred inside the library only.
  17. Users are allowed to take photocopies of the required articles.
  18. While accessing the E-resources of the library, proper entries are to be made in the records of the library. Downloading of the information is also permitted.
  19. Accessing unwanted and unnecessary information from the internet is strictly prohibited.
  20. The library accepts donations of manuscripts, books, and journals, etc., which are found useful to the students.
  21. For any dispute or problem, the Library Coordinator or Principal may be contacted

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