Electrical Engineering

Faculty Profile

Head of the Department

Mr. Jabas Edwin Raj

HOD (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M.E
Specialization : Applied Electronics
Subject Taught : power Electronics, AC machines, Digital Electronics, Measurement and Instrumentation, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Electrical Drives and control, Solid state Drives
Date of Appointment: 05-08-2021
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: jabas@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Teaching Faculties

Mr. Challa Rama Gopal

Principal (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M. Tech.,(Ph.D)
Specialization : Instrumentation & Control, Power Systems.
Subject Taught : Control Systems, Electrical Circuits,
Electrical Machines, Power Electronics,Power Systems, and Semiconductor Devices .
Date of Appointment: 04-08-2016
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: principal@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mr. Bhaskar Ranjan

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M. Tech.
Specialization : Electrical Installation Estimation & Costing.
Subject Taught : Electrical Power Generation, Electrical Estimation & Costing, Electric Traction.
Date of Appointment: 26-09-2016
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: bhaskar@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mrs. Catharine

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification: B.E.
Specialization : Electrical Engineering.
Subject Taught : Applied physics-II, Testing and maintenance of Electrical machines, Fundamentals of basic and digital electronics
Date of Appointment: 19-07-2021
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: catharine@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mr. D. Sanjeeva Kumar

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M. Sc.
Specialization : Pure & Applied Mathematics.
Subject Taught : Basic Maths, Engineering Maths, Applied Maths.
Date of Appointment: 12-11-2020
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: sanjeeva@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mrs. Priya

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification: M.E.
Specialization : Power system.
Subject Taught : Control System, Electrical Circuits, Transmission and Distribution, Network Theory. Industrial Drives
Date of Appointment: 02-04-2021
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail : priya@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mr.Ganeshbabu M

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M.E
Specialization : Power systems Engineering
Subject Taught : Electric Motors and Transformers, AC Machines, Electrical Circuits, Network Theory, Switchgear & Protection.
Date of Appointment: 01-10-2022
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail: ganeshbabu@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Mr.Anugrah Ashish Kumar

Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : B.E
Specialization : Electronics & Communication.
Subject Taught : Energy Conservation and Audit, Introduction to IT System, Network Theory, Fundamentals of electrical & electronics engineering, Fundamentals of Basic electronics and digital electronics.
Date of Appointment: 01-12-2022
Nature of Association: Regular
E-Mail : anugrah@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

Lab Assistant

Mr. Prashun Bharti

Lab Assistant (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : D.E.E.E.
Specialization : Electrical and Electronics.
Handling Fundamental of Electronics Lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
Lab Handling: Electronics Lab

Mr.Ankit Kumar

Lab Assistant (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification: Diploma in electrical engineering
Lab Handling: Power electronics , switchgear protection, Electric circuit & measurement
E-Mail: ankit@gemspolytechnic.edu.in

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