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Industrial Visit & Internship

Recent Industrial Visit:

On August 12, 2023, the CSE department’s third-year students embarked on an industrial visit to the BSNL Exchange Office. Led by Mr. Vivek Kumar, Ms. Meena, and Mr. Kumar, they had a remarkable live experience exploring the Telecommunication Program. During this visit, 26 students gathered insights into various sections and devices, acquiring additional methodologies for processing. The specific areas covered included:

1. Operation of a working GSM BTS in the Lab with an actual Tower Antenna
2. Broadband Technology
3. Optical Fiber Cable and System
4. Digital Telephone Exchange
5. Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
6. IPv6 and Computer Network

Throughout the visit, the third-year CSE students delved into the telecommunications field, learning about data transfer, reception, voice transmission, and the complexities of connecting bandwidth for different institutions. They also observed the practical applications of optical fiber and its functionality.

Furthermore, the students witnessed the connection process of mobile phones and telephones to telephone towers, gaining insights into power supply mechanisms during electrical failures. The visit introduced them to the organizational structure and methodologies of various devices and sections in telecommunications, providing valuable hands-on experience. Overall, this visit proved to be an enriching and educational experience, expanding the students’ knowledge and practical skills in the realm of telecommunications.