Institute Governance


Mr. D. Augustine Jebakumar


GEMS Polytechnic College

Rev. D. Augustine Jebakumar has been at the forefront of the Mission in leading the Institution forward as the Chairman.

Common among all great pioneers is the uniqueness in describing their true genius. An outstanding leader, an exceptional human being, and a great educationist, who on realizing the fact of the youth in Bihar was not just unemployment but unemployable youth, established this foundation of education on the bedrock of successful thinking. His profound quality of enthusiasm, perseverance, strong visionary outlook, and tireless effort creates a springboard for many aspirants to mold their career and life. He helps the students to explore their own potential and makes them realize that education, hard work, and commitment make them employable and overcome poverty.

Mr. D.Augustine Jebakumar, Founder and General Secretary is a world-renowned preacher, who believes that the veracity of knowledge and the authenticity of wisdom begin with the fear of God. “A strong truthful life never drifts us away from achievement”, is the cornerstone of his vision and mission and the underlying objective, destined to arrive at righteousness and goodness in all his attempts towards educational focus, building committed and focused leaders, teachers, and fellow workers.

In his 48+ years of human service, the GEMS group of institutions has seen an immense growth of establishing more than 120 schools, 4 ITI’s, 1 Nursing School, and a few other life-changing certificate programs in computer and tailoring. Apart from these, more ITI’s, B.Ed, paramedical, nursing, Engineering and Management colleges are in the pipeline. GEMS is a living testimony to his indomitable will, fearful dedication, and unrelenting commitment to his goals.

He has built an empire of education from scratch and is actively involved in building the best brand in education; rightly called a “Man of Mission”, a strict disciplinarian, and a role model. His sterling leadership qualities, remarkable foresight, uncompromising pursuit of excellence, humility, the prodigious capacity to motivate and trust people continue to guide and inspire the future generation at GEMS.