Institute Governance

Associate Director

Mr. Emerson

Associate Director

GEMS Polytechnic College

Mr. Emerson has diligently developed his academic philosophy by laying great emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge, its application, and skills from the Sculptor to help in its dissemination. Prior to joining GEMS, he had served as the Sales and Service Engineer for telecom products during 1993  – 1994. He began his tenure in GEMS as a small seed sown for a great purpose in the year 1994. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering and technology in 1992, which had a qualitative and holistic transformation of his life in a challenging environment.  

His underlying philosophy is to create new benchmarks by incorporating new initiatives in the field of technical education and training through modern and innovative teaching/learning methodologies. He evolved as the Executive Director of GEMS staying committed to providing community-focused, campus-wide services that support and inspire excellence at GEMS. He was responsible for managing the establishment of GEMS ITI Karwandiya, Bagatganj, and Madhubani.  Later he grew to be the Associate Director of all the GEMS Technical Institutions and the Chairman of the Board of Technical Education (BOTE) and is extensively promising in all the leadership training across GEMS. 

He embodies the spirit of perseverance and quality. Imparting the right knowledge, enhancing wisdom, and creating distinct individuals through training is his pursuit. In this accordance, he underwent a ‘leadership training’ process at Haggai, United States, whereby his passion for training knows no boundaries. He has worked to identify opportunities for performance improvements and has leveraged innovative strategies to improve outcomes. 

He continuously strives for excellence in the field of training and technical education by accepting the best practice from around the globe and implementing innovation in all instructional practices across GEMS institutions to provide an impetus and develop students and workers to be worthy leaders and citizens of our nation. Mr. Emerson known for his humility benchmarks the true goal of education is not to be self-serving but to serve and contribute to society with empathy and benevolence.