Institute Governance

Director / Secretary

Mr. S. Ashish Daniel


GEMS Polytechnic College

A true believer and an exemplary team player who has touched the lives of an uncountable number of students, colleagues, and peers. He always has a holistic approach to education passing on his wisdom upon anyone who crosses paths with him with only one agenda, to impart knowledge.

Mr. Ashish Daniel is not just a visionary in his field but also a praiseworthy ‘Secretary / Director’. He received his Masters in Engineering from Karunya University and MBA(Educational Management) from Madras University. He inculcates a spirit of learning and discipline in students at the campus. His notions of discipline and its implementation take the institution to the pinnacle of glory. He always insists on the quality of education which enriches the students’ lives even after leaving the campus. With his ever nourishing influence, students make a mark in the leading corporates.

Mr. Ashish has an iconic record of winning several awards in his short tenure in a multinational organization, of which the ‘Outstanding Performer’award from INTUITstands for its significance. Later, his untiring contribution in gaining approvals and affiliations from the AICTE and SBTE led to an ultimate shift in his career of being a Director in designation and execution. He is also a member of the BOTE (Board of Technical Education). His contribution is immense in the national and international research papers, mainly focusing in the areas of hydrogen production pathways, of which the paper on “Re-Construction of Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans” funded by DIT, at AU-KBC Research lab, under the able guidance of, Scientist Ramesh Kumar, MIT University, pops out for its excellence. His insatiable curiosity to learn new and varied things and irresistible desire to share them with the staff and students has taken the institution to prominence, showcasing and manifesting the talents of every individual to become confident, independent, and future-ready individuals.

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