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GEMS Polytechnic College

Rama Gopal Challa is an educationalist who is on the mission to transform the lives of those in Bihar through academics. Hailing from a small agricultural town in Andhra Pradesh his transformation with academic pursuits are rising as he holds a Master’s degree in engineering from Karunya University which has been well recognized. And with 10+ years of experience in the educational sector, his contribution is well-received.

As the Principal of GEMS Polytechnic college, his strife to work towards the vision of the college is evident in his involvement in the academic and social wellbeing of all the students who set foot on this campus. His humble beginnings and his transformation have been analogous to his pursuits through education.

He takes his time even after these years to prepare and face the students to teach them the Engineering fundamentals through Mathematical principles ensuring they grasp the development made by our forefathers in the field of Engineering to have the educational quality-driven towards accreditation. The College as an establishment has risen to great heights with his involvement in establishing the various labs for the students to learn the practical aspects of engineering. He has been instrumental in having the college recognized with the approval and governing bodies as per state laws.

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